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QRG CERT Middle East is a certification and training company. Under Our services, We provide initial certification audit, surveillance, training in technical fields. We are a leading provider of management systems assessment and certification solutions.
  ISO 9001:2008 Certification - Quality Management System

A focus on Quality is important in sustaining long term business success and opportunity. Certification to the internationally recognized Quality Management System -QMS standard ISO 9001 from a reputable provider gives clear demonstration of your commitment to quality.

ISO 9001 has become the International reference for Quality requirements with certification.

How can ISO 9001 benefit my Organization?

One of the major strengths of ISO 9001 is its wider appeal for all types of organization. Its focus on processes and customer satisfaction rather than procedures means it is equally applicable to service providers as manufacturers with greater emphasis on customer satisfaction, process management and measurement, continual improvement with top management involvement.
There are numerous benefits associated with a certified ISO 9001 management system:
• improved product, process and service quality
• increased customer satisfaction
• improved productivity
• may provide competitive advantage

How can we gain certification to ISO 9001?
QRGCERT provides worldwide a range of assessment, certification and training services to the ISO 9001 standard.
Background to the ISO 9000 family
ISO 9000 is the generic name given to the family of standards around which a QMS can be implemented. These consist of:

• ISO 9000 Quality management systems - Fundamentals and vocabulary
• ISO 9001 Quality management system - Requirements
• ISO 9004 Quality management system - Guidelines for performance improvement.

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